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How we can help

Ricoh Consulting Services is here because the world we live in has experienced an explosion of information. More and more information that is coming from more and more different places all the time and it’s not going to stop.

This is resulting in more and more ways for information to get misplaced or misused. It doesn’t flow smoothly. It goes to the wrong place. Or it doesn’t arrive at all.

What we do is help businesses develop strategies and tools to deal with this overflow of information, and stay on top of things. Because, if we’re not on top of it, we’ll be drowning beneath it.

We have seen the future
& it wasn't pretty…

The world we’re living in now was once called the future. “Information overload” is a term coined by Alvin Tofler in his 1970 science fiction book, ‘Future Shock’.

It’s not science, or fiction any more. It’s just the way it is.